Don’t Let Poor English Hurt Your Business.

Equip your team with communication skills to succeed in front of customers and stakeholders through personalized 1-1 fluency training.

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Why Should You Choose Clapingo?

Clapingo makes it easy for your employees to improve their language skills quickly and effectively with personalised training from professional English Speaking tutors interactive features, and real-time feedback without any judgement.


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Progress Reporting

Our platform provides comprehensive insights into each employee's learning journey, highlighting achievements and milestones. With our dashboards, managers can easily monitor overall progress and celebrate successes, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and motivation within your team.

PeerSpeak for English Learners
PeerSpeak for English Learners

Insights into Weak Areas of Employees

Identify and address learning gaps with our system. It finds the specific areas where your employees may need additional support, allowing for targeted interventions.

Simulate Real World Scenarios

Our platform includes practical exercises that mimic everyday business interactions and challenges. To help employees gain practical experience and confidence, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle real-life situations.

PeerSpeak for English Learners

Tailored for your Employee's Needs

Practice Anywhere, Anytime

Your employees can learn English and upskill from anywhere based on their availability with their favourite Tutor!

Talk about convenience!!

1-1 Judgement Free Mentoring

Your employees can learn at their own pace with our judgement free 1:1 sessions where they can focus on their growth and goals!

Business English for daily use

Your employees will not only improve their spoken English with us but will also be able to grow their communication and leadership skills.


Learn English With Peers & Professionals. Empower Your Employees Today.